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Portfolio Update June 2021

Quick recap of the current portfolio as June 2021

As a quick recap of the current portfolio, this is a snapshot from June 2021, and the change from May 2021.

  • 50% long stocks (split 75/25 US-Asia): +0% change
  • 15% short PUT expiring July 2021: -10% change
  • 5% long CALL expiring January 2023: +0% change
  • 30% cash: +10% change

I moved 10% of my investment via PUT options to Cash instead, mainly because of the general reduction of IV across the market.

May strategy, next steps, and June strategy:

There has been no changes since my strategy last month:

  • Remain invested at ~50% long stocks.
  • If opportunities show up, increase long CALLS up to 10%, specially for Asia stocks.
  • As long as VIX stays around 15-20 keep the short PUTS below 25%-30%.

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