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How to get insider trading data from the SEC database using Python

Company insiders are forced to report their buy/sell operations to the SEC through form-4. We’ll use Python in order to get this data automatically without having to manually check each company in our portfolio.

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Strategy update: 21DTE to May21, 2021

This week we’ve reached the optimal 21DTE inflexion point for theta strategies, and is a good moment to revisit all our open positions.

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How to sell a PUT in Interactive Brokers

Option strategies are just another investment vehicle, while they can be used to cover or leverage our portfolio many times fold.

Backtest Cash Secured PUT Options Trading PLTR Updates

Backtested: PLTR Cash Secured PUT – March 2021

Holding until expiration vs closing at 50% on various DTE shows we profit when closing earlier.

Backtest Covered CALL NAT Options Trading Updates

Backtested: NAT Covered Call – April 2021

Or how to recover from stock devaluation by selling monthly covered calls.

Monthly Summary Options Trading Updates

Options Trading Update: March 2021

10 new trades were open in March 2021, at 30DTE, 45DTE, and 60DTE