Closed Trades

You can see below a spreadsheet of all closed trades of 2021. In order, the columns for each trade contains the following data:

  • Today’s date and if was a profitable trade or a loss.
  • Type of strategy.
  • Original expiration date of the contract.
  • Days Till Expiration (DTE). This is none for all closed trades, as there’s no days left.
  • Ticker.
  • Strike price.
  • Premium. Credit received.
  • Breakeven: Strike price minus or plus the premium, depending on the strategy.
  • Closing cost: The cost that was incurred when closing the trade. This is either 0 if we let it expire worthless, or the price that cost to buy the opposite contract in order to exit the trade.
  • % P/L: Profit or Loss percentage.
  • Realized $ P/L: Profit or loss in USD
  • ROI annualized: Theoretical return on Investment if we would get the same return on a yearly basis.
  • Total days: Actual number of days that the trade was open.

Also you’ll see a recap of the year so far:

  • Unrealized P/L: Profit or loss from trades that are still ongoing, this can vary through the trade lifetime and is not realized yet.
  • Realized P/L: Profit or loss realized from closed trades, these operations are closed.
  • ROI-K-YTD: Return on Investment over the collateral. We can say this is the total realized return, up to this moment.
  • ROI-Annualized: Return on Investment annualized.