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Portfolio Update June 2021

Quick recap of the current portfolio as June 2021

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How to get insider trading data from the SEC database using Python

Company insiders are forced to report their buy/sell operations to the SEC through form-4. We’ll use Python in order to get this data automatically without having to manually check each company in our portfolio.

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Strategy update: 21DTE to May21, 2021

This week we’ve reached the optimal 21DTE inflexion point for theta strategies, and is a good moment to revisit all our open positions.

Current Positions

MindMed: A high risk, high reward play

MindMed will be part of the Nasdaq on April27, and is expected that options will be available after a week of trading.

Tastyworks Thinkorswim Trading Tools

How to fund your Tastyworks account from Europe

Despite their amazing platform and pricing mode, there’s a big gotcha if you’re not American. Funding the account has proven to be difficult, expensive, or both. At the moment it seems you only have 3 options to do so.

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Understanding Implied Volatility: IV, IV rank, and IV percentile

Knowing the Implied Volatility of an option contract is not enough to understand its volatility, we also need to check the option’s IV rank and IV percentile.

AMCR Backtest Cash Secured PUT Updates

Backtested: AMCR CSP – Too much time to expiration

AMCR moved too fast in the direction of the trade, too much time left also meant little profit remaining for an extra risk.

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How to sell a PUT in Interactive Brokers

Option strategies are just another investment vehicle, while they can be used to cover or leverage our portfolio many times fold.

Monthly Summary Options Trading Updates

Options Trading Update: March 2021

10 new trades were open in March 2021, at 30DTE, 45DTE, and 60DTE


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